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Baccalaureate Degree Programs 

Bachelor of Arts in Religion | Majors

Biblical theology

The Biblical Theology major is designed to give the student a well-rounded college education with a sound preparation in Bible and Theology, and Biblical languages as well as a foundation in Practics and General Studies. Students who have a call to continue their education at the graduate level will find this major attractive.

Counselling foundations

The Counselling Foundations major is designed to equip the student with basic counselling skills for lay counselling and pastoral counselling situations. This major is also intended to provide students with the foundation and prerequisites for future studies in counselling at a graduate level.

intercultural studies

The Intercultural Studies major is designed for the student who feels a call towards international missions work. The major includes a solid grounding in Bible and theology, practical theology and cross-cultural ministry.


This major is designed for students who sense God's call to pastor an existing local church or plant a new one. This program includes individual and group mentoring as well as training specific to the leadership of a local church. Students must also participate in two pastoral ministry internships.


Summit Pacific has a variety of offerings within the Music department. This major prepares and equips students for worship ministry in local church contexts to provide effective pastoral leadership.


Child & Family Leadership

The Child & Family Leadership program is designed for students who will focus on pastoral ministry to children and families in local churches


This four year B.A. program focuses is on leadership preparation for work in non-profit or non-governmental organizations, church related or foreign mission agencies.

Youth leadership

The Youth Leadership program is designed for students who feel a burden for youth and wish to pursue effective ministry training for use as a youth pastor. Youth Leadership students will receive practical training, Biblical education, and mentoring with experienced youth ministers.

Diploma Programs

Pastoral Theology

This major is for those students called to full-time ministry and who desire the minimum formal Bible College education required by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada for ministerial ordination. The two semesters of Pastoral Internship will help to provide students with an understanding of the methods and skills needed to succeed in the ministry.

General Bible Diploma

This major is designed for those wanting to maximize Biblical studies in developing their skills for Christian service but do not have a call to full-time ministry.

Church Ministries Diploma

This major is designed for those desiring to acquire skills in the Christian Education ministry of the Church.

Certificate Programs

One Year Certificate Programs

Bible Certificate

The Certificate in Bible is a one-year introduction to Biblical studies which provides students with training in the basics of Scripture, Christian worldview, discipleship, and ministry

Child & family Leadership

This certificate is for those who desire to serve in a Church ministry specializing in children and families. It includes an emphasis on education, communication, child development and teaching.

Youth Leadership

This certificate is for those who desire to serve in ministry to the emerging generations (ages 11-25). 

Youth Leadership & ROMER

This certificate is for those who desire to serve in ministry to the emerging generations (ages 11-25). It is practical in nature with an emphasis on practical theology, communication, adolescent issues and development. The certificate requires 15 courses that will educate and equip youth ministry workers while fulfilling theacademic requirements of the PAOC’s Recognition of MinistryCredential. 


This program is designed for those who want to serve in areas of institutional leadership. The focus is on leadership principles for work in non-profit organizations, churches, or global work contexts. 

OMEGA Global

Omega Global is a one-year discipleship program. For eight months students dig into God's Word, train for ministry, and receive one-on-one mentoring. At the end of the school year the Omega Global Teams go overseas for 3 weeks. The 2019-20 OMEGA Global team will travel to Brazil in May of 2020.

rOMER - Recognition of Ministry Education Requirements Certificate

The college offers courses that specifically fulfill the PAOC’s Recognition of Ministry Credential. The RoMER Certificate fulfills the academic requirements of this credential and is attainable in one year.

sound production & media

This one-year program is geared towards equipping students with skills for sound production, media, and church ministry. In addition to audio and media courses, students will study Bible and spiritual formation.


This program is designed for students who are contemplating education at a secular University. The program provides foundational courses in Bible, Theology and General Education to strengthen spiritual formation and Christian world view

TWU Transfer Certificate

SPC students who take eight liberal arts courses taught by Trinity Western University faculty will not only receive credit towards their B.A. degree but will also be presented with a completion certificate that summarizes their University Transfer Credits.

Two Year Certificate Programs

These two-year certificate programs in General Bible, Child and Family Leadership and Worship Arts consist of 60 to 63 semester hours of required and elective courses. Each certificate is a recognized program of the college, but its completion does not constitute graduation from the college, nor does it meet the requirements for ordination as set forth by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

General Bible

This program is designed to provide students with a concentration of Bible related studies and basic skills and competencies for the sharing of one's faith.

Child & family Leadership

This program is designed to provide competency for ministry in local churches that is focused on children and family issues. The program is rooted in the Scriptures and the application of truth in educational child and family care contexts.

Worship Arts

This program is designed to provide students with foundational training for involvement in worship services and music ministries, in and through the local church. It provides a general worship arts focus and equipping experience for church ministry.