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Undergraduate Programs

Keeping in line with our mission Summit's programs include Bible and Theology, Practics and General Studies courses. Take a closer look at our incredible certificates and nine possible majors by clicking the links below.

Graduate Studies

Summit's School of Graduate Studies exists to provide further preparation for Christian service. This flexible and affordable program is focused on theological and biblical perspectives within the modern Pentecostal movement.

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Distance Education 

This self-disciplined learning opportunity offers a variety of options for students who are unable to attend our campus in Abbotsford. Maintain your current vocation and home life while continuing your education at your own pace.

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Academic Calendar

Keep track of all the important dates in the coming year! Check out our Academic Calendar here.

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Student Ministries

Regular involvement in ministry is a required part of the education process at Summit Pacific College. There are a wide variety of ministry opportunities available: music ministry groups, church ministries (including children, youth, young adults, preaching, and teaching), and evangelism/outreach/cross-cultural ministries. The student’s involvement is evaluated each semester.

Further information can be found in the Student Ministries Handbook, available on the college portal, or by contacting the Student Ministries Director.