Certificate Programs


Bible Certificate

OBJECTIVES: The Certificate in Bible is a one-year introduction to Biblical studies which provides students with training in the basics of Scripture, Christian worldview, discipleship, and ministry. The ten courses in this certificate will advance the student’s learning of core Biblical truths that will provide guidance for career choices and lifestyle decisions.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this 1 year program the student shall be able to:

  1. demonstrate foundational knowledge of the Bible and its major themes;
  2. learn principles of interpretation for proper exposition, teaching, and application of Scripture;
  3. grow in the knowledge of Bible doctrines and systematic theology;
  4. develop and demonstrate an authentic Christian worldview;
  5. practice basic Christian life skills including spiritual disciplines, evangelism, and church ministry;
  6. nurture a godly, Spirit-filled, ethical lifestyle.

Christian Worker

The certificate programs in General Bible, Church Ministries and Music Leadership consist of 60 to 63 semester hours of required and elective courses. Each certificate is a recognized program of the college, but its completion does not constitute graduation from the college, nor does it meet the requirements for ordination as set forth by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

General Bible | Objectives
This program is designed to provide students with a concentration of Bible related studies and basic skills and competencies for the sharing of one's faith.

Church Ministries | Objectives
This program is designed to provide competency in teacher education skills and understanding for those who desire to minister in the local church. The program centres on understanding the Scriptures and methods of applying this truth in evangelizing children and youth.

Music Leadership | Objectives
This program is designed to provide students with foundational training for music ministries in and through the local church

Church Ministry Certificate

 OBJECTIVES: This certificate is for those who desire to serve in a Church Ministry with an emphasis on children and youth. It includes an emphasis on education, communication, adolescent development and teaching. The certificate requires 10 courses that will equip and enrich ministry workers.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this 1 year program the student shall be able to:

  1. understand what Christian education and its importance is for the local church;
  2. demonstrate knowledge of the history and literature of Christian education;
  3. demonstrate an understanding of the theories, practices and methods of teaching, outreach and discipleship at various levels;
  4. understand contemporary issues, trends and needs of people in society especially as it relates to the disciple-making mandate of the church;
  5. communicate effectively with young audiences in the power of the Spirit.

Not for Profit Organizational Leadership

OBJECTIVES: This program is designed for those who want to serve in areas of institutional leadership. The focus is on leadership principles for work in non-profit organizations, churches, or global work contexts. This certificate is delivered at the undergraduate level over two semesters. It aims to provide wholistic preparation for leadership opportunities in organizational administration.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this 1 year program the student shall be able to:

  1. demonstrate development of a thoughtful personal philosophy of service which is cognizant of contemporary culture and a Christian worldview;
  2. demonstrate an understanding of a Christian view of service and the need for practical, theoretical and effective administrative skill in managing organizations;
  3. demonstrate an understanding of the aspects of vocational Christian service whether in the church or in non-profit, charitable institutions;
  4. demonstrate a basic level of competence in leadership, interpersonal and communication skills expected of administrators;
  5. demonstrate an understanding of institutional management systems, mission statement, strategy formation, planning, principles of governance, human resource issues and financial matters;
  6. demonstrate Christian character, integrity and spiritual gifting for administrative leadership.

OMEGA Global

OMEGA is an acronym which stands for One-year Ministry Education (with) Global Awareness. This program is a response to those students who desire a one-year program that emphasizes relational discipleship and practical ministry opportunities. The goal of the OMEGA program is to develop Christian character through academic learning and hands on ministry experience.

Visit the OMEGA Global site here for more information 

RoMER | Recognition of Ministry Education Requirements

The college offers courses that specifically fulfill the PAOC’s Recognition of Ministry Credential. The RoMER Certificate fulfills the academic requirements of this credential and is attainable in one year. 


Upon completion of this one-year program the student shall be able to:

  1. demonstrate a thoughtful personal philosophy of ministry rooted in Biblical truth;
  2. demonstrate an understanding of God’s call with an awareness of the gifts, strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities they may bring to ministry;
  3. demonstrate an understanding of the Scriptures as well as the practical and theoretical aspects of vocational Christian ministry;
  4. demonstrate a basic level of competence in the practical leadership, interpersonal and communication skills expected of leaders; and
  5. demonstrate an exemplary godly lifestyle and anongoing dependence on the enablement of the Holy Spirit

Sound Production & Media

This one-year program is geared towards equipping students with skills for sound production, media, and church ministry. In addition to audio and media courses, students will study Bible and spiritual formation. “Hands on” application in the recording studio as well as in chapel services, live recordings, special events, and conferences, will provide essential experience working with sound and media equipment in a team environment.


Upon completion of this one-year program the student shall be able to

  1. understand and use sound equipment for recording, mixing, and musical performances in both a live and studio environment;
  2. understand and use the popular Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) for recording and music production (Logic®, ProTools®, and Ableton®);
  3. understand and implement various social media tools in the church and ministry contexts;
  4. use equipment to develop visual media for various ministries;
  5. recognize the importance of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in ministry;
  6. understand some of the key books of the Bible and important principles for spiritual formation.

One Year Pre-University Certificate

This program is designed for students who are contemplating education at a secular University. The program provides foundational courses in Bible, Theology and General Education to strengthen spiritual formation and Christian world view.

TWU Transfer Certificate

 SPC students who take eight liberal arts courses taught by Trinity Western University faculty will not only receive credit towards their B.A. degree but will also be presented with a completion certificate that summarizes their University Transfer Credits. The required courses are:

  • PSYC 106 Introduction to Psychology
  • HIST 111 History of Western Civilization
  • PHIL 210 Contemporary Ethical Issues
  • HIST 260 History of Christianity
  • WRTG 100 Writing in the University Context
  • SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology
  • ENGL 103 Introduction to Literature: Short Fiction and Poetry
  • PHIL 105 Introduction to Philosophy