The 2014-15 Omega Global team left for Brazil early on the morning of Saturday, April 25.
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Sound Production and Media

Summit Pacific College is pleased to offer a one year program that is geared towards equipping a music student with skills for sound production, media, and church ministry. In addition to music, audio, media and song writing courses, the student will study Bible and
spiritual formation issues. "Hands on" application in the recording lab as well as in chapel services will provide experience in areas of interest. Some elective space is available for those interested in a ministry group or in taking private music lessons.
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Omega Global
Destination 2015 - Brazil

OMEGA stands for One Year Ministry Education with Global Awareness.
Omega Global is a response to those students who
desire a one-year program that emphasizes relational
discipleship and practical ministry opportunities.
The goal of the OMEGA program is to develop Christian character
through academic learning and hands on ministry experience.
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"Not for Profit" Organizational Leadership

"Not for Profit" Organizational Leadership is a
four year B.A. program
which focuses on leadership
preparation for work in non-profit or non-governmental
organizations, church related or foreign mission agencies.
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