Not-for-Profit Organizational Leadership

bachelor of arts in religion | major in not-for-profit organizational leadership


Program Overview

Come join one of the fastest growing ministry opportunities in Canada. Considering learning about the over 170,000 non-profit organizations in Canada that employ over 2 million people and have over 13 million volunteers. Learn to start a not-for-profit, lead a not-for-profit or work for one of the fastest growing employment sector in Canada.

This program is designed for those who want to serve in areas of institutional leadership. The program's focus is on leadership principles for work in non-profit organizations, churches, non-governmental organizations, or foreign mission contexts. As a four year BA program it aims to provide a holistic preparation for a leadership career in administration that is shaped by Biblical and Theological study (39 semester hours), practical course work (54 semester hours), and grounded in General Studies (30 semester hours).


Meet The Program Director

Kory Sorensen
Phone:  (604) 851-7234 or 1-800-976-8388

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Director: Kory Sorensen

Education: B.Th., Summit Pacific College, B.A., Trinity Western University, M.B.A., City University, Enrolled in Graduate Studies.

Bio: Kory has been leading the Not for Profit Organizational Leadership program since 2014. He graduated with his Masters of Business Administration from City University in 2003. Kory is passionate about christian leadership  in business and desires to see his students grasp the leadership principles needed for work in non-profit organizations.

Experience: Pastor & Administrator for 20 years, Instructor for 7 years, Assistant Professor

Not-for-Profit Courses 

  • Human Resource Management

  • Fund Development & Financial Management

  • Capstone Project [Elective]

  • Business as Mission

  • Introduction to Administrative Leadership

  • Business Foundations

  • Organizational Planning

  • Leadership Development

  • Introduction to Community Development


Upon successful completion of this 4 year degree program the student shall be able to:

  • demonstrate development of a thoughtful personal philosophy of ministry rooted in Scripture and Biblical theology which is cognizant of contemporary culture;

  • demonstrate an understanding of God's call on his/her life and an awareness of the gifts, strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities he/she brings to administrative ministry;

  • demonstrate an understanding of the Scriptures as well as the many practical and theoretical aspects of vocational Christian service whether in the church or in non-profit, charitable institutions;

  • demonstrate a basic level of competence in the practical leadership, interpersonal and communication skills expected of administrators;

  • demonstrate an understanding of institutional management systems, mission statement and strategy formation, planning, principles of governance, human resource issues and financial matters;

  • demonstrate Christian character, integrity and spiritual gifting for administrative leadership.