Tuition & Related Fees

Academic Fees 


SPC Tuition, per credit
TWU Tuition, per credit* (subject to change)
SPC Audit, per credit (60% of regular tuition)
SPC Seniors, per credit (65 years and older)
Directed Studies surcharge, per credit
Student Fees, per semester
Security Deposit
Application Fee - first time students (non-refundable) 
Re-Admission Fee (out for one semster or more)
Graduation Fee (payable in final semester)
Finance Fee (per semester)
Late Registration Fee
Change of Course Fee
Official Transcript Fee ($1 per each additional one) 

* A $ 100 tuition surcharge is added to every student who is enrolled in a TWU course that is not also enrolled in at least one SPC course at the same time

Private Music Lessons


Private Lessons - All Instruments (including voice)
30 minute lesson
One hour lesson

Application Fee

The following additional charges pertain to NEW students applying for the first time to SPC and for those returning to SPC after an absence of more than one semester.

Application Fee (non-refundable):

  • New Student - $ 50.00 with application

  • Returning Student - $30.00 with application after an absence of one or more semesters.



The full meal plan covers 20 meals per week for the academic year. Commuter students may buy individual lunches for $6 each, or may purchase a 10 lunch card from the Main Office for $50.


Costs of required books and materials vary according to individual course requirements. Students should be prepared to spend approximately $400-$500 per semester. Books are available from the Campus Bookstore.

Living on Campus 

Single Students

All single, full-time students (under age 25) are required to live in residence, unless living with parents/legal guardian or close relative. Students wishing to live off campus must receive prior authorization from the Dean of Students. Accommodation assignment is handled by the Dean of Students and consists of 2 per room in the L.T. Holdcroft Residence.

Married Students

There is limited accommodation for housing married students on campus. A written request with a $300 damage deposit for a one or two bedroom apartment is to be submitted to the Business Administrator and is considered on a first come first serve basis. The apartment damage deposit is returned if no accommodation is available.

  • One bedroom apartment: $ 650

  • Two bedroom apartment: $ 725

  • Three bedroom apartment: $ 850

Finance Fee

All Students that do not submit payment in full on or before Registration Day will be charged a $100 Finance Fee per semester. The Finance Fee applies to all Students using a Government Student Loan or post-dated payments to finance their education.