Former students who have been absent from the college for one or more semesters must apply in writing for re-admission. A Re-Application Pack (pdf) is available for download from HERE or you may proceed to the on-line Re-Application form below.

  1. There is a $30.00 non-refundable re-admission fee.

  2. The re-application process requires three new references.

  3. The re-admission process takes six to eight weeks.

  4. New transcripts are required for any studies taken during the interim period away from Summit.

  5. Current program requirements for graduation must be met.

The on-line re-application process has multiple sections. Please complete each section carefully.

 1. Re-Application

You will be given the option of creating an account which will enable you to partially complete this form and return later to finish or update your information later. (Recommended)

  • Please make a note of your log in information for future use.

  • You may opt not to create an account simply by clicking next at the bottom of the first page and you will be taken to the beginning of the application form.

  • Please provide us with a digital photo. You will be provided with the opportunity to upload your photo as part of the application form (5 Mb maximum file size - JPG or PNG preferred).

  • When you submit your application you will be returned to this page.

Click here to begin your re-application.

2. References 

The application process requires references from three people: a pastor, an employer or teacher and a Christian friend. Utilizing our Reference Request Service you may send emails to your references which request them to fill out on-line reference forms.

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Need a hand?

Shoot an email to our admissions team - we'd love to help!

3. Payment 

There is a non-refundable $30 re-application fee, payable here. When you have completed payment you will be returned to this page.