Internships at Summit Pacific College

Student internships are a vital component of preparation for ministry in the church and in the world. We seek to create an environment at Summit where the development of "head, heart and hands" is kept in balance. We are part ACADEMY (seeking academic excellence in theological and general studies), part ABBEY (encouraging the development of personal and community devotional disciplines) and part APOSTOLATE (sending learners into the real world to develop ministry competencies under the supervision of effective local church pastors and para-church leaders).

All of our BA programs (except Biblical Theology) require that students successfully complete two 3-credit internships, one done in a local church; this qualifies them to apply for ministry credentials with the PAOC. Biblical Theology students are required to complete a pastoral internship if they wish to apply for ministry credentials. Internships provide an excellent context for students to experience the implementation of skills learned and spiritual gifts applied.

Upon graduation students discover that their internship references, testimonies and evaluations carry significant weight in their placement interviews.

Internship Requirements

  1. The document Internship Is... outlines the objectives, requirements and philosophy of Summit pastoral internships. Program specific internships are designed by program directors for the second 3-credit internship. (Click here)
  2. Students must have completed 4 full semesters at SPC before doing internships for credit. The reason for this is to ensure that they have taken several practical (RELS) courses in order to implement best practices learned in class (regarding preaching, leading worship, administration, or developing leaders) during the internship experience. (The Internship Committee may approve exceptions for mature students with ministry experience as well as those who have transferred credits from other institutions.) Pastors also want to know that an intern has some ministry experience along with their two years of course work.
  3. During their first four semesters students are required to be involved in a variety of students ministries on a weekly basis. These are supervised and evaluated. At the conclusion of their 2nd year a sophomore evaluation is conducted by the program director to assess suitability for full-time ministry.
  4. 3-credit internships can be completed during the summer months, or they can be done during the college year, 1.5 credits per semester. Students must complete a minimum of 300 hours of supervised ministry to be eligible for 3 credits. No more than 3 credits can be earned during a summer semester, regardless of the hours they log.
  5. Students must keep a log of their ministry or service hours. They may include all hours spent on the job including Sunday services and hours spent in ministry preparation. They may not include travel time or personal devotional time.
  6. Program Directors will assist their students in finding meaningful internship placements. The program director will assess possible placements and supervisors before approving them. The college distributes profiles of graduates seeking placement and senior students seeking summer internships to the churches of the BC & Yukon District of the PAOC.
  7. Pastors or para-church ministry leaders seeking interns are encouraged to contact program directors by telephone or email. They will assess your offer and seek to match your opportunity with student gifts and skills.
  8. Students who are working toward credentials with the PAOC are strongly encouraged to do their internships in PAOC churches.

Summit Pacific College/PAOC BC & Yukon District Ministry Formation Plan:

We see our internship program as a partnership involving the student, the Bible College, the BC & Yukon District of the PAOC and the local church. We count on District personnel to help us identify healthy churches with mentoring pastors. We depend on pastors who help their churches to understand the benefit and the cost of being equipping churches, extensions of Summit helping to develop the next generation of leaders. This development continues after graduation. We see ministry formation as formally extending over a seven-year period from Bible College entrance to ordination.

We are equally committed to assist students who come from non-PAOC backgrounds and those who are planning on seeking credentials and positions with other denominations, not-for-profit organizations, counselling providers or missionary agencies, SPC will assist to arrange internship experiences that are most suitable for them.

1st & 2nd Years

SPC Programs

  • Required student ministries (evaluations kept in portfolio)
  • Home church participation
  • Small Group participation
  • Mentorship experiences with Program Director
  • College ministry/leadership experiences
  • Omega discipleship
  • Psychological/Spiritual gift testing


3rd & 4th Years

SPC Internships

  • Program director helps design a suitable internship, communicates intern profiles with constituency
  • District Officers identify healthy churches with mentoring pastors
  • All practical courses include a major project that must be carried out in the local church (ie, preaching, small group leadership, church admin design, empowering leaders, etc.)
  • Internships require at least one hundred hours per credit


5th - 7th Years

PAOC District Programs

  • Credential & placement interviews
  • Time Out Conference
  • Coaching Clusters
  • One year Retreat for Licensed Ministers
  • Pre-ordination Retreat
  • Ordination
  • Conferences on the Ministry