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Andrew Evans, Director of the Youth Leadership Major
Andrew Evans
Director of the Youth Leadership Major

Office Telephone: (604) 851-7219 or 1-800-976-8388


This program is designed for students who will begin pastoral ministry as youth pastors. The program meets the standards of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada for ordination. It consists of Bible and Theology (42 semester hours), Practics (51 semester hours) and General Studies (30 semester hours). Included in the Practics division is a youth leadership major of 24 semester hours.


Upon completion of the 4 year degree program the student shall be able to:

  • integrate essential knowledge and skills needed for youth related vocations;
  • articulate a Biblical philosophy and strategy of youth ministry and leadership;
  • understand contemporary issues, trends and needs of students and their families;
  • communicate effectively with varying audience levels;
  • model effective leadership skills in terms of both programs and relationships for ministry;
  • equip youth for global Great Commission discipleship; and,
  • nurture the practice of ministry in the power of the Spirit.
24 semester hours
  • 3 Leadership Development
  • 3 Contemporary Youth Issues
  • 3 Adolescent Development
  • 3 Youth Communication
  • 3 Career Youth Leadership
  • 3 Youth Leadership Internship
  • 3 Local Church Leadership
  • 3 Foundations of Counselling I

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Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
WRTG 100 Writing in the University Context 3 ENGL 103 Introduction to Literature 3
BIBL 113 Hermeneutics 3 BIBL 114 Pentateuch 3
BIBL 115 Gospels 3 RELS 132 Cross Cultural Studies 3
RELS 131 Introduction to Spiritual Issues 3 EDUC 142 Principles of Teaching 3
RELS 133 Religious Conversion 3 HIST 172 History of Pentecostal Church 3
  15   15


Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
PSYC 106 Introduction to Psychology 3 BUSI 111 Business Foundations 3
BIBL 211 Historical Literature 3 BIBL 212 Acts 3
THEO 221 Doctrine I 3 THEO 222 Doctrine II 3
RELS 241 Youth Communication 3 RELS 232 Contemporary Youth Issues 3
Biblical Language 3 Biblical Language 3
  15   15


Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
HIST 111 History of Western Civilization 3 EDUC 244 Adolescent Development 3
COUN 245 Foundations of Counselling I 3 HIST 260 History of Christianity 3
THEO 321 Biblical Theology of the Holy Spirit 3 RELS 331 Pastoral Theology 3
RELS 334 Leadership Development 3 RELS 332 Christianity and Culture 3
RELS 335 Pastoral Ministry Internship 1.5 RELS 336 Pastoral Ministry Intership 1.5
Bible Elective 3 Bible Elective 3
  16.5   16.5


Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
PHIL 105 Introduction to Philosophy 3 PHIL 210 Contemporary Ethical Issues 3
RELS 338 Local Church Leadership 3 THEO 421 New Testament Theology 3
THEO 422 Old Testament Theology 3 Open Elective 3
RELS 438 Career Youth Leadership 3 Bible Elective 3
RELS 435y Youth Leadership Internship 3 * Science Elective 3
  15   15

* Although Youth Leadership Internship is shown as three credits in the Fall semester it will normally be taken for 1.5 credits in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Recognition of Ministry Education Requirements Certificate (RoMER Certificate)

The college offers courses that specifically fulfill the PAOC's Recognition of Ministry Credential. The RoMER Certificate fulfills the academic requirements of this credential and is attainable in one year. Five of the courses listed are required (indicated by *). The others are highly recommended, but some choice is possible.


Upon completion of this 1 year certificate the student shall be able to:

  1. demonstrate a thoughtful personal philosophy of ministry rooted in Biblical theology;
  2. demonstrate an understanding of God's call on his/her life with an awareness of the gifts, strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities he/she may bring to ministry;
  3. demonstrate an understanding of the Scriptures as well as the many practical and theoretical aspects of vocational Christian ministry;
  4. demonstrate a basic level of competence in the practical leadership, interpersonal and communication skills expected of leaders; and
  5. " demonstrate an exemplary godly lifestyle and an ongoing dependence on the enablement of the Holy Spirit.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
BIBL 111 Bible Survey 3 EDUC 142 Principles of Teaching 3
BIBL 113 Hermeneutics 3 HIST 172 History of the Pentecostal Church * 3
BIBL 115 Gospels
ORBIBL 311 Pauline Literature
3 THEO 222 Doctrine II 3
THEO 221 Doctrine I 3 RELS 234 Expository Preaching * 3
THEO 321 Biblical Theology of the Holy Spirit * 3 RELS 331 Pastoral Theology * 3
  15   15

The Godbearing Life, Kendra Creasy and Ron Foster. Upper Room Books, Nashville, 1998.
This text is for the thinking youth worker who has tired of pointless activity and wants to
make a real impact in the lives of students. The authors redefine Youth Leadership
and emphasize that ministry is "soul-tending". Do you see yourself as a leader who
bears the image of God to your students?

Shaping the Spiritual Life of Students,Rick Dunn. IV Press, Downers Grove, IL 2001.
This text addresses the unique challenges of ministry to students during each stage of Adolescent Development. He helps the youth worker understand the physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual issues during the junior high, senior high, and college years. He challenges youth workers to understand the process of spiritual change in students.

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