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Dr. Wilf Hildebrandt, Dean of Education
Dr. Wilf Hildebrandt
Dean of Education

Office Telephone: (604) 851-7235 or 1-800-976-8388


This program provides Bible College Experience and University Studies for a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies from Trinity Western University. This is a combined program for those students who desire a rigorous program of education that forms a strong Christian Worldview from solid Biblical, Theological, and General Arts studies.

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The journey begins at Summit Pacific College in a Bible College context of Christian community with spiritual formation and discipleship emphases for 2 years.

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The journey continues at Trinity Western University for another two years and culminates with a B.A. in General Studies degree.



At Summit Pacific College the student will complete sixty (60) semester hours with a concentration in Biblical Studies (30 semester hours), Christianity and Culture courses (12 semester hours), History (3 semester hours) and Open Electives (21 semester hours) of University-equivalent courses.

At Trinity Western University the student will complete the University's core requirements (38 semester hours) and a minor (24 semester hours) in fields such as English, History, Psychology, Sociology and TESL/Linguistics.

Benefits of this program include access to University level courses while living in a Bible college context for two years. Courses are considerably less expensive at SPC. The graduate receives a University degree which prepares them for a variety of vocations. A Christian Worldview base provides a strong foundation for life and vocation.

Criteria: The student must maintain a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 ("C") at SPC in order to proceed to TWU to complete the program. In order to graduate from TWU with the B.A. in General Studies degree students must also be in full-time studies at TWU for the final three semesters of the program.

If you have any questions about programs here at Summit Pacific College, please contact Nathan (604) 851-7222 or Courtney 604-851-7224 (Toll Free 1.800.976.8388) or contact us through our Information Request Form.

1. Summit Pacific College (60 semester hours)  
   1.1 Concentration in Biblical Studies  
   BIBL 113 Hermeneutics 3
   BIBL 114 Pentateuch 3
   BIBL 115 Gospels 3
   BIBL 211 Historical Literature 3
   BIBL 212 Acts of the Apostles 3
   BIBL 311 Pauline Literature 3
   THEO 421 New Testament Theology 3
   THEO 422 Old Testament Theology 3
TWU RELS Electives (300 or 400 level)* (6)
   1.2 Christianity and Culture  
   RELS 131 Introduction to Spiritual Issues 3
   RELS 132 Cross Cultural Studies 3
   RELS 133 Religious Conversion in a Multi-Faith Society 3
   RELS 134 Apologetics 3
   1.3 History  
   HIST 172 History of the Pentecostal Church 3
   1.4 Open Electives 21
   BIBL 111 Bible Survey  
   BIBL 312 Prophetic Literature  
   BIBL 313 Psalms  
   BIBL 314 Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament  
   BIBL 316 Eschatological Literature  
   BIBL 411 New Testament Backgrounds  
   THEO 321 Biblical Theology of the Holy Spirit  
   THEO 323 Christology  
2. Trinity Western University (62 semester hours)  
   2.1 Core Requirements  
   (See current TWU Undergraduate Academic Calendar for 38 credits)  
   English 103, 104 6
   Fine Arts 3
   Philosophy 3
   History 3
   Natural Science 6
   Religious Studies (300/400 level, for concentration) 6
   Society and Culture 3
   Physical Education 4
   Interdisciplinary Studies (IDIS 102 waived) 3
   2.2 Elective 1
   2.3 Minor 24
   This will be in fields such as English, History, Psychology,Sociology, TESL/Linguistics, etc. 24

Total Minimum required for TWU bachelor's degree: 60+62=122 semester hours (of which 42 semester hours must be 300/400 level courses).

* TWU concentration (30 semester hours) in Biblical Studies requires that a minimum of half of the upper level requirements (i.e., 6 semester hours of the 12) must be taken at TWU.


This program is designed for students who are contemplating education at a secular University. The program provides foundational courses in Bible, Theology and General Education to strengthen spiritual formation and Christian world view.

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
BIBL 113 Hermeneutics 3 BIBL 114 Pentateuch OR THEO 222 Doctrine II 3
BIBL 115 Gospels 3 BIBL 212 Acts 3
RELS 131 Intro to Spiritual Issues 3 RELS 132 Cross Cultural Studies OR Open Elective 3
THEO 221 Doctrine I 3 RELS 332 Christianity and Culture 3
General Studies Elective 3 General Studies Elective 3
  15   15

General Studies Electives

Fall Semester (choose one)

  • PSYC 106 Introduction to Psychology [TWU] OR
  • HIST 111 History of Western Civilization [TWU] OR
  • BIBL 411 NT Backgrounds [SPC] OR
  • MUSI 452 History of Music [SPC]

Spring Semester (choose one)

  • SOCI 101 Sociology [TWU] OR
  • PHIL 210 Contemporary Ethics [TWU] OR
  • HIST 260 History of Christianity [TWU] OR
  • PSYC 344 Marriage and Family Counselling

Note: Although some universities may grant transfer of credit for some courses, Summit Pacific College cannot guarantee that these courses will receive a transfer of credit in a university or college.


SPC students who take eight liberal arts courses taught by Trinity Western University faculty will not only receive credit towards their B.A. degree but will also be presented with a completion certificate that summarizes their University Transfer Credits.

The required courses are:

  • WRTG 100 Writing in the University Context
  • SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology
  • ENGL 103 Introduction to Literature: Short Fiction and Poetry
  • PHIL 105 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PSYC 106 Introduction to Psychology
  • HIST 111 History of Western Civilization
  • PHIL 210 Contemporary Ethical Issues
  • HIST 260 History of Christianity
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