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ase Lavigne, Omega Program Director
Jase Lavigne
Omega Director

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Vicky McGowan, Omega Assistant Director
Vicky McGowan
Omega Associate Director

Office Telephone: (604) 851-7231
or 1-800-976-8388

The Omega Global DESTINATION 2019 is TBA. Applications are being accepted now for team members for Omega 2018-2019.

The Omega Global DESTINATION 2018 is ASIA. Students are busy studying and training for their trip. More information

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OMEGA stands for One Year Ministry Education with Global Awareness.
  • Dorm-life experience on campus at Summit
  • Short-term (3 - 4 week) overseas missions experience
  • Variety of ministry experiences (i.e. children's ministry, youth ministry, urban ministry, senior's ministry, etc.).

OMEGA is a One-Year-Ministry Experience with Global Awareness Program.

OMEGA is unique in that it offers hands on local and overseas experience, while simultaneously maintaining a first year college level academic track.

The goal of the OMEGA program is to develop Christian character. The program is centred around discipleship and local and global mission.

A student choosing this program is committing 9 months of their lives to grow in their faith and gain an exponential amount of hands on experience that will transform their head, heart and hands for the rest of their life.

Omega Global 2016-17 Class
Omega Global 2016-17 Class

  1. To develop in the student Christian character and faith through an emphasis on a growing knowledge of the Bible and Christian doctrines (academic/mind);
  2. To assist in the ongoing development of the student's personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is an emphasis on the student's "inner world" and devotional life (spiritual devotion/heart);
  3. To give opportunities for the student to develop his or her talents and spiritual gifts through openness to the Holy Spirit and in practical ministry outreach. Ministry experiences in churches, institutions, and in foreign mission contexts will be organized (practical/physical).

The OMEGA Program has a Holistic approach that emphasizes:

Head (Academics)

- through class lectures and discussions [10 courses], assignments and individual interaction with a variety of instructors.

Heart (Spiritual)

- through spiritual formation, retreats and one on one mentoring with Omega Directors.

Hands (Reaching a lost world)

- through ministry involvement in local churches, working with children or adults, street ministry and the urban outreach experience.

Omega Global will provide you with:

  • An environment where you can develop strong personal spiritual discipline
  • Sound biblical theological grounding (24 college credits transferable to a degree program)
  • Training and experience in effective hands-on team ministry
  • Full year of personal mentoring
  • Four weeks of overseas cross-cultural hands-on team ministry
  • Friends for life!

Applications are being accepted now for team members for Omega 2017-2018.

If you have any questions about programs here at Summit Pacific College, please contact Nathan (604) 851-7222 or Courtney 604-851-7224 (Toll Free 1.800.976.8388) or contact us through our Information Request Form.


The OMEGA one-year discipleship program begins in September and continues for nine consecutive months. OMEGA Global includes a short term mission trip to a foreign country. The "intercultural missions" experience is mandatory for all students in OMEGA Global. To date, OMEGA teams have ministered in countries such as Brazil, Britain, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Guatemala, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, and the U.S.A. Costs for each mission trip will be indicated on the current college cost sheet.

Students who successfully complete the OMEGA program will have 24 college credits and 6 discipleship credits. The college credits may be transferred into any of the other academic programs at Summit. Discipleship courses do not count toward the B.A. in General Studies.

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
RELS 101 Spiritual Formation 3 DISC 102 Pentecostal Distinctives 3
DISC 105 Church Ministry I 3 DISC 104 Team Ministry 3
BIBL 111 Bible Survey 3 DISC 106 Church Ministry II 3
RELS 133 Religious Conversion 3 THEO 121 Doctrinal Survey 3
RELS 134 Apologetics 3 RELS 236 Intercultural Communication 3

OMEGA Global courses are taught on the Summit campus. Students live in dormitories on the college campus. A discipleship emphasis includes personal mentoring and community life. Ministry outreach includes a variety of ministry experiences in the local church as well as non-church related ministries. The program ends with a 3-4 week international missions experience.


The student is responsible to pay for books and for the following extra travel expenses: passport, backpack, shots and travel insurance.

Tuition & Trip $ 3,780 $ 7,560
Room and Board $ 3,000 $ 6,000
Student Fees $ 250 $ 500
Total Program Cost $ 7,030 $ 14,060

Omega Students should be prepared to spend approximately $200 per semester for books.

Omega Students are also responsible to pay for the following extra travel expenses as required: backpack, passport, travel visa, vaccinations, and travel insurance.

Note: Due to unforeseen changes in airline ticket prices and exchange rates, there may be a slight surcharge added to the Spring 2017 invoice.

Click here for the complete cost sheet.

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