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OBJECTIVES: This certificate is for those who desire to serve in a Church Ministry with an emphasis on children and youth. It includes an emphasis on education, communication, adolescent development and teaching. The certificate requires 10 courses that will equip and enrich ministry workers.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this 1 year program the student shall be able to:

  1. understand what Christian education and its importance is for the local church;
  2. demonstrate knowledge of the history and literature of Christian education;
  3. demonstrate an understanding of the theories, practices and methods of teaching, outreach and discipleship at various levels;
  4. understand contemporary issues, trends and needs of people in society especially as it relates to the disciple-making mandate of the church;
  5. communicate effectively with young audiences in the power of the Spirit.


Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
BIBL 111 Bible Survey OR 115 Gospels 3 BIBLE 114 Pentateuch 3
BIBL 113 Hermeneutics 3 THEO 121 Doctrinal Survey 3
EDUC 241 Youth Communication 3 EDUC 142 Principles of Teaching 3
EDUC 243 Resource/Prog Development 3 EDUC 341 Ministry to Children 3
RELS 334 Leadership Development 3 PSYC 344 Marriage & Family Counselling 3
  15   15

Note: Course work will be supplemented with BC Yukon District Children’s Ministry events when available.

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