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OBJECTIVES: The Certificate in Bible is a one-year introduction to Biblical studies which provides students with training in the basics of Scripture, Christian worldview, discipleship, and ministry. The ten courses in this certificate will advance the student’s learning of core Biblical truths that will provide guidance for career choices and lifestyle decisions.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this 1 year program the student shall be able to:

  1. demonstrate foundational knowledge of the Bible and its major themes;
  2. learn principles of interpretation for proper exposition, teaching, and application of Scripture;
  3. grow in the knowledge of Bible doctrines and systematic theology;
  4. develop and demonstrate an authentic Christian worldview;
  5. practice basic Christian life skills including spiritual disciplines, evangelism, and church ministry;
  6. nurture a godly, Spirit-filled, ethical lifestyle.


Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
BIBL 111 Bible Survey 3 BIBLE 114 Pentateuch 3
BIBL 113 Hermeneutics 3 THEO 121 Doctrinal Survey 3
BIBL 115 Gospels 3 BIBL 212 Acts 3
RELS 133 Religious Conversion 3 RELS 134 Apologetics 3
RELS 131 Intro to Spiritual Issues 3 RELS 132 Cross Cultural Studies OR EDUC 142 Principles of Teaching 3
  15   15

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