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Omega Global Destination 2018 - ASIA


  • Students will be heavily engaged in teaching ESL in universities, colleges and in migrant villages.
  • Students will be actively providing humanitarian relief into several migrant villages in East Asia.

Travel & Experience

  • Students will travel across a country within East Asia.
  • Students will experience a variety of urban and rural cultures and societies.

Hosts & Partners

  • We are partnering with Summit Pacific College Alumni who currently serve in East Asia as Global Workers.

After 8 months spent engaging their minds in a full academic course load, their hearts in spiritual formation and growth and engaging their hands in serving and leading domestic ministries, OMEGA Global students will travel to Asia for a 3.5 week ministry trip.

Omega Global Program

Omega - Head, Heart, Hands

Head (Academics)

  • Through class lectures and discussions [10 courses], assignments and individual interaction with a variety of instructors.

Heart (Spiritual)

  • Through spiritual formation, retreats and one on one mentoring with Omega Directors.

Hands (Reaching a lost world)

  • Through ministry involvement in local churches, working with children or adults, street ministry and the urban outreach experience.

Omega will provide you with:

  • An environment where you can develop strong personal spiritual discipline;
  • Sound biblical theological grounding (24 college credits transferable to a degree program);
  • Training and experience in effective hands-on team ministry;
  • Full year of personal mentoring;
  • Four weeks of overseas cross-cultural hands-on team ministry;
  • Friends for life!

Omega Leadership

Vicky McGowan, Omega Assistant Director

Vicky McGowan

Omega Associate Director
(604) 851-7231
or 1-800-976-8388

Information & Application

Applications are being accepted now for team members for Omega 2017-2018

If you have any questions about programs here at Summit Pacific College, please contact

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