Summit School of Graduate Studies

Welcome & Program Overview


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Dr. Riku Tuppurainen

Dean of Graduate Studies

Welcome: A Letter from The Dean

The School of Graduate Studies at Summit Pacific College was founded in the fall 2015. It continues the mandate of Canadian Pentecostal Seminary to provide master’s level theological and ministerial studies in Western Canada. Currently we offer two distinctive certificate programs:

Studies in Pentecostal Theology, and
Non-Profit Organizational Leadership.

Studies in Pentecostal Theology option focuses on theological and biblical perspectives within the Pentecostal movement in pluralistic world. Awareness of the larger scholarly tradition and accepted standards of professional competence are combined with a practical emphasis on training articulate, godly servant leaders. This study program serves pastors, Bible and theology educators, church leaders and volunteers, global workers, as well as those who are seeking credentials within the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

Non-Profit Organizational Leadership option is designed and directed by professionals working on non-profit sector of Christian ministry. The focus is on administrative leadership principles for work in non-profit organizations and churches in Canadian or global work contexts.

These accredited programs serve also as a platform for further master’s level studies in chosen field through our partner universities or elsewhere. Courses are taught as 20-hour intensive block modules. Students can attend classes from distance via internet as well. Currently summit offers these courses at the reduced rate (see Information). Any of the courses can be also taken as an audit for personal enrichment.  

I invite you to read these web pages further and discover more. If you have any questions, you are welcomed to email ( or call me 604-851-7217. You may also use our toll-free number 1-800-976-8388. I am happy to give you more information and assist you in your educational desires and questions.

“Life long learning for longer than life kingdom.”

Dr. Riku Tuppurainen