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Certificate - 15 Summit Pacific credit hours per week

Full-Time Tuition $ 3,375 $ 6,750
Board & Room $ 3,000 $ 6,000
Student Fees $ 300 $ 600
TOTAL $ 6,475 $ 12,950

Degree or Diploma - 12 Summit Pacific credit hours per week and 3 TWU credit hours per week

Full-Time Tuition $ 3,975 $ 7,950
Board & Room $ 3,000 $ 6,000
Student Fees $ 300 $ 600
TOTAL $ 7,275 $ 14,550

Omega Global Program

Tuition & Trip $ 3,975 $ 7,950
Room and Board $ 3,000 $ 6,000
Student Fees $ 300 $ 600
TOTAL $ 7,275 $ 14,550

Omega Students should be prepared to spend approximately $200 per semester for books.

Omega Students are also responsible to pay for the following extra travel expenses as required: backpack, passport, travel visa, vaccinations, and travel insurance.

Note: Due to unforeseen changes in airline ticket prices and exchange rates, there may be a slight surcharge added to the Spring 2017 invoice.


Please contact Roger Unrau at 604-853-7491 or with student finance questions:

  • Availability of SPC Scholarships and Bursaries
  • Federal and Provincial Student Loans and Grants
  • College financing options and payment plans

New Students: Students who have received official acceptance to SPC are required to pay a $300 enrolment deposit by July 1, 2017. If acceptance to SPC is received after the above mentioned time period, the $300 deposit is due and payable immediately upon receiving the letter of acceptance. This enrolment deposit is credited to the Student's Security Deposit. Campus dorm housing is secured through this deposit. In the event of limited housing vacancies those who have forwarded their enrolment deposit to the college are given priority.


* A $ 100 tuition surcharge is added to every student who is enrolled in a TWU course that is not also enrolled in at least 1 SPC course at the same time.


Private Lessons - All Instruments (including Voice)


The following additional charges pertain to NEW students applying for the first time to SPC and for those returning to SPC after an absence of more than one semester.

Application Fee (non-refundable):

  • New Student - $ 50.00 with application
  • Returning Student - $30.00 with application after an absence of one or more semesters.

The full meal plan covers 20 meals per week for the academic year. Commuter students may buy individual meals for $6 for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or may purchase a 10 meal card from the Main Office for $50.


Costs of required books and materials vary according to individual course requirements. Students should be prepared to spend approximately $300-$400 per semester. Books are available from the Campus Bookstore.


Single Students

All single, full-time students (under age 25) are required to live in residence, unless living with parents/legal guardian or close relative. Students wishing to live off campus must receive prior authorization from the Dean of Students. Accommodation assignment is handled by the Dean of Students and consists of 2 per room in the L.T. Holdcroft Residence.

Married Students

There is limited accommodation for housing married students on campus. A written request with a $300 damage deposit for a one or two bedroom apartment is to be submitted to the Business Administrator and is considered on a first come first serve basis. The apartment damage deposit is returned if no accommodation is available.

  • One bedroom apartment: $ 625
  • Two bedroom apartment: $ 700
  • Three bedroom apartment: $ 800

Many Scholarships and Bursaries are available for New and Returning Students. SPC also offers Bursaries to full-time students that are dependents of active ministerial credential holders, and siblings and spouses of full-time students. Applications are available online or upon request from the Enrolment Services Office. Freshman Bursary application deadline is July 15. Scholarships and Bursaries apply to full-time tuition only (minimum 12 credits per semester), and are disbursed only in the Spring semester. You may download a Freshman Bursary Application here.

  • Students applying for a BC Student Loan must apply on-line through Student Aid BC.
  • Students from out of province should contact their own Provincial agency to apply for a Private and out-of-Province School. A list of provincial student aid agencies is provided on the page Paying For Your Education.
  • The Financial Services Office is available for assistance with student loans.
  • Students should apply for loans at least three months prior to Registration Day to avoid funding delays.

All semester fees, including room and board are payable on or before Registration Day.

Exceptions will be granted if the following conditions are met PRIOR to arrival on campus:

  • $2,000 minimum down payment; plus
  • Proof of approved student loan for the remaining balance; or
  • 3 post-dated cheques or authorization for 3 post-dated Visa or Mastercard payments. Each for 1/3 of the remaining balance, dated the 1st of each of the 3 months following Registration.

Note: Debit/Interac is not accepted for monthly post-dated payments.


All Students that do not submit payment in full on or before Registration Day will be charged a $100 Finance Fee per semester. The Finance Fee applies to all Students using a Government Student Loan or post-dated payments to finance their education.


A Student who finds it necessary to leave the college or reduce their academic load after payment of fees is entitled to a refund as follows:

Tuition Refund

Refund is on a percentage basis:

  • before the last day to drop classes: 100%
  • after the last day to drop classes to 4 full weeks: 50%
  • over 4 weeks: 0%
  • Student and other related fees are non-refundable

Room and Board Refund:

  • Board: 75% on the unused portion rounded up to the nearest whole week.
  • Room: If a student leaves before the last day to drop classes there will be a 75% refund. If a student leaves after the last day to drop classes to 4 full weeks a 50% credit is given if he/she returns to Summit within the period of one year. No refund will be given under any other circumstances.

The rebate is processed effective from the date of receipt of written notice of withdrawal submitted to the Enrolment Services Office.

Summit Pacific College
Business Administrator
PO Box 1700
Abbotsford, BC V2S 7E7
(604) 853-7491 or


NOTE: The College reserves the right to adjust its fee scale without further notice if sudden changes in the economy force it to do so

Audit Student: An audit enrolment is permitted only by faculty approval on an individual basis. The provision of audit enrolment does not extend to private music instruction.

Part-time Student: Part-time students taking 6 or more credits are subject to all student fees. For those taking fewer than 6 credits student fees are optional. Part-time students are expected to conform to the College Calendar and no benefits can be expected if fees are not paid.

Room and Board: Charges for room and board are the same for all resident students regardless of the number of meals taken in the cafeteria. No allowance is made for meals missed or rooms not occupied because of work, travel, personal habits, or late registration.

Medical Insurance: All students are required to obtain their own medical insurance.

Music Lessons: If music lessons are discontinued before the last day to drop classes, assessed charges are calculated at the rate per lessons, and 90% of the unused balance is refunded. There is no refund after the last day to drop classes. In fairness to the instructor, at least one week advance notice of intention to discontinue private lessons should be given.

Other Fees: There is no refund of miscellaneous fees once payment has been processed and classes have been attended.

Transcripts: Official transcripts are not issued to students with overdue accounts.

Employment: The college recognizes the need for some students to work while attending classes. These students may need to adjust their academic load and at times may need to limit their involvement in extra-curricular activities.

USA Loans

The college welcomes American applicants. At this time American citizens cannot receive a government loan for studies at Summit. American applicants would receive very favourable tuition due to current foreign exchange rates.

Summer Course Charges

Payment is due by April 30 for students registered for Summer Internships or Directed Studies courses.

Student Employment

The college recognizes the need for some students to work while attending classes. These students may need to adjust their academic load and at times may need to limit their involvement in extra-curricular activities.

There is no compulsory duty system (gratis hours, details) at Summit. However, interested students may submit a resume to the Business Administrator's office for on-campus positions which become available from time to time.

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